Welcome to the Glass Wall Blog!

October 14. 2016 by Ben Palpant


Here’s the problem as I see it: I get to spend around nine or ten hours every day in hallways and classrooms that throb with purpose and praise, but you do not. I get to join the next generation on a hunt to discover God’s fingerprint in our lives and in the world, but you do not. I get to see small acts of grace and courage and hope and thankfulness every hour (fifty hours each week, roughly 2,000 hours per school year), but you do not. I get to witness daily repentance and daily forgiveness amongst people all ages, varied in color and personality and gifts. I get to swim with the current of classical and Christian education we enjoy at The Oaks every day, but you do not.

After seventeen years, I’m getting used to it and that too is a problem.

Why can’t more people share in this culture?

Why can’t more people get a glimpse of this daily beauty?

Why can’t we tear down our current walls of brick and sheet rock and install a glass wall? Why can’t we?

Well, for many reasons, but there is no reason why we can’t do it all virtually. So this is the ribbon cutting ceremony for our new virtual glass walls. We would love to have you here in person, but if you can’t do that, we welcome you to The Glass Wall Blog: an inside look at The Oaks.

Pull up a chair.

Keep your eyes peeled.

You might even hear singing through the glass.