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The Oaks Theatre Program

We believe in the power of stories to change lives. We also believe that theatre is a powerful way to nourish community. Theatre productions bring together adults and students for the shared purpose of making something good, true, and beautiful. The results are not only excellent, they're also a ton of fun. Our two productions each year take place in the Fall and in the Spring.

Set in the little village of Anatevka, our story centers on Tevye, a poor milkman, and his five daughters. With the help of a colorful and tight-knit Jewish community, Tevye tries to protect his daughters and instill them with traditional values in the face of changing social mores and the growing anti-Semitism of Czarist Russia. The iconic and beloved songs - “Sunrise, Sunset," "If I Were a Rich Man" and "Matchmaker, Matchmaker," make Fiddler on the Roof a perfect mix of audience-pleasing humor and heart.

Tickets for Fiddler on the Roof go on sale April 1!

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