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The Grammar School

God made children to love information, to happily absorb it like sponges. They love singing and chanting so we teach to that grain.

"A wise man will hear and increase learning, and a man of understanding will attain wise counsel.”

—Proverbs 1:5

Our Method

Memory, rhyme and recitation do not tire, but invigorate kids. During the Grammar Stage, they build a vast array of knowledge upon which all their later learning will feed.

A set of objectives for Bible, spelling, grammar, reading, penmanship, history, mathematics, science, art and physical education offer reachable goals. Behavioral objectives direct the child's growth in character.

Grammar students also benefit from weekly teaching by our secondary Latin, science, music and art staff.

Daily Bible study covers, gradually, the entire Old and New Testament. Beginning students memorize and recite portions from Proverbs. Older grammar students memorize an entire chapter.

Thoughts From A Graduate

Here's Alison Roy-Ting, Class of 2009, on how The Oaks prepared her for Stanford and for life.