College Advisement

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Lynn Gibson, Director of College and Career Counseling

Wondering about college? I'm here to help.

If you are new to The Oaks Secondary Program, I would like to introduce myself as the Director of College and Career Counseling. Beginning my 13th year in this role, I am eager to work with your family to make your life a little easier when pondering your student’s options after high school. Whether you are considering a college or university close to home or far away, a community college or vocational school, a military academy or a military enlistment, I am here to help you navigate the process and make it not only less intimidating, but hopefully memorable.

Office Hours

Tuesdays through Fridays, 1 to 5:30 p.m. and by appointment.

Fall Brown Bag College Visits

This is an annual event each fall where our school hosts admission officers from various colleges on our campus during lunch to meet with students. Parents are welcome too. Whether your student is a freshman, sophomore, junior or senior interested in exploring prospective schools, I invite them (and you) to join us. Dates and locations are found on the school's current news page.

College Financial Aid and Scholarship Workshop

Our annual College Financial Aid and Scholarship Workshop is held each fall in October. The date can be found on the school calendar and further details will be posted in the current school news.

Career Exploration

I provide the Myers-Briggs Assessment Test and personalized matching of possible careers to students in 10th–12th grades.

Student Services

Seniors, you are my highest priority and I am ready to help you finalize your school selections and help you with your college applications.

Juniors, you are next on my priority list and I can help you investigate the colleges or programs that interest you and strengthen your high school resume. I also offer a career assessment test (Myers Briggs) that students have found helpful.

Sophomores and Freshmen, my goal is to meet you and hear your interests and help assess your strengths, not only to assist you in eventually investigating a college or vocational program that is a “fit” for you, but also to steer you toward potential scholarship opportunities.

Important Dates

Specific information for the following will be posted on The Oaks Current School News page each year, with many dates available in the School Calendar

• The PSAT test is held each fall at The Oaks. The PSAT test is mandatory at The Oaks for juniors. We also welcome sophomores and freshmen to take it for practice.

• AP Exams: The Oaks offers all AP exams at our school. Registration and payment for AP exams will be in the fall.

• SAT School Day is offered annually in March on campus to give students the ease in fulfilling this graduation requirement.

• My office is stocked with college catalogs and viewbooks, financial aid information, and many more resources. Please stop by and take advantage of this information.

• A national college fair is hosted in Spokane each fall. This is an opportunity to visit with college admissions representatives from over 100 colleges and universities. Details will be forthcoming.

• Finally, remember to tell your students... when it comes to preparing for college, high school grades matter. Whether you are a freshman, senior, or in between, your high school grades are an important component of your college application package. Beginning freshman year, you only get one shot at a “Cumulative GPA.” If you do your best to God’s glory, you will ensure yourself a host of opportunities in the future.