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Life Together


Behold, how good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity! (Psalm 133:1)

Cantabile: Every Monday and Friday, students, staff, and parents gather to proclaim God's glory by singing Psalms and hymns in Cantabile. We believe that the entire school day is continuous worship, but these special gatherings bookend the week as a way to remind each other of God's faithfulness and to give Him thanks. 

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Special events


Whole Grammar School: Poetry out-loud  

Kindergarten and First Grade: 100th day party

First Grade, Thanksgiving feast.

Second Grade: Geography Day, President's day, Little House on the Prairie party.

Second and Third Grade: history plays

Third Grade: The Greek feast.

Fourth Grade: The Medieval Banquet, Wax Museum

Fifth Grade: Pilgrims Feast

Sixth Grade: Edible cells, Cowboy Day.

Secondary Students: Mousetrap car competition, Marsh mellow catapult contest, Rock day, soda bottle rockets, and the Science Fair.

All School: Spring Talent Show, Grandparents Day, Poetry Competition


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The Sping Ball: 9th-12th Grade


The Spring Ball is a great opportunity for parents and students to share the joy of dancing as part of a rich community life. 

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Field Trips


The Oaks is not just about a quality classroom experience. Parents and students also have the opportunity to go on many adventures.

Kindergarten: Walter's Fruit Ranch, and a Retirement Home to sing carols.

First and Second Grade: trip to the MAC Museum.

Second Grade: Riverside State Park

Third Grade: Camp Lutherhaven, architecture appreciation trip

Fourth Grade: St. John's Cathedral.

Fifth Grade: the Oregon coast 

Sixth Grade: Ft. Walla Walla, Whitman Mission, the Grand Coulee Dam.

Seventh Grade: Mt. St. Helens

Secondary Students: venture to Yellowstone or the Olympic Peninsula in alternate years, also the Hanford Nuclear Reactor.

Physics Class: look over the shoulders of advanced practitioners in Seattle and tour the science facility of both Washington State University and University of Idaho.

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Grand Tour

The summer before senior year, students take a 14 day trip to Rome and Greece to see first hand some of the places highlighted in The Oaks education, from Mt. Delphi to Canus Canum. When overseas regulations prohibit the Grand Tour, the senior class visits Washington D.C for a tour of the capitol, including the Smithsonian and maybe even a baseball game.

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