Jupiter is the student information system that The Oaks uses to help manage attendance, assignments, grades, discipline, fees, and more. We also use Jupiter to communicate with school families.

"Portal" describes the area opened for parents to view the current progress of their enrolled children. The portal is fully opened in grades 7-12.


You should have received communication regarding your personal login info. Please contact the school office if you did not receive this information. Here's what you should see when you sign in. After logging in, you will be brought to your child's portal. Use the same password for all of your children and you can browse their portals too without logging out.

Make sure that you have selected the correct category in the third box (either Grammar or Secondary). Select the Parent Tab above, then enter your student's full name and password. If you forget your password, click "Forgot Password" and follow the directions. We are the only ones who can reset your password (for security reasons).


Jupiter offers a helpful video tour for beginning users.

Screen Shot 2020 05 29 At 10.57.03 AM


The To Do tab displays your child's classes and their current grade in each. It also displays upcoming assignments.

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The Grades tab displays a student's assignment by class and by quarter. Symbols next to assignments denote if something is missing, turned in, or recently graded.

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The Assignments tab displays any assignments due on a particular day. Announcements from the office for a particular day will also appear here.

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The Materials tab displays items needed for class as well as materials from the school office. Click on the class to see related materials.

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The Report Card displays the student's most recent report card.

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Check this tab for any fees due.

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The Settings tab enables parents to customize how they wish to be notified about their child's progress.

Web Msg is always sent to "on" by Jupiter. These refer to notifications visible within the Jupiter portal.

Check the "Email" box asks Jupiter to send a system generated email to your current email address. We recommend leaving the email default settings as is. If, for instance, you uncheck "messages" you will no longer receive important Oaks emails from teachers or the Office.

You may check Text Msg boxes if you wish to receive certain notifications to your mobile device in addition to email.

Finally, you may experiment with asking Jupiter to send you automated assignment or grade notifications that meet certain conditions by checking the boxes at the bottom of this portal form.

Please use the Family Information Update Form on the forms page to update any contact info.

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Messages Tab: You can find messages from the school office and from teachers here.

Attendance Tab: Displays attendance for each class during the school day and over the current school year. 

Calendar Tab: Displays messages and assignments for each day of the week. It also displays upcoming events.

Behavior Tab: Displays any behavioral or academic concerns that parents should be aware of.

Directory Tab: Displays contact information.