Fractals Then And Now

January 10, 2017 by Bill Stutzman


“I’m afraid the other teachers might become jealous,” began Miss Woodroof, “because today I get to work with you on fractals!”

As she announced she would be substituting for Miss Nolan’s small group of 7th grade boys, she included another surprising comment: “I think the last time I worked with fractals was when I was a student in Miss Nolan’s math class.”

“You had Miss Nolan for math?” the boys gasped. “Wow!”

This little moment, like so many in a day at The Oaks, reminds us of the ways God blesses us across generations. Here, one of our own students has returned to serve alongside and in the very seat of one of her teachers.

Who knows if one day one of these four young lads might get to share their love of fractals with the next generation in our classrooms? Who knows if they, too, will tell the story of how they learned a lesson from a teacher who learned the lesson from another one of their teachers before her?

For Miss Woodroof, Miss Nolan’s lessons continue to multiply and bear fruit, and we are grateful to see the love of learning passed down once again.