Schools of Logic & Rhetoric

God made adolescents and young adults to form opinions and to share those opinions. During this stage, The Oaks trains young men and women to love well, think well, and speak well.  

The School of Logic

During this time of life, young men and women enjoy debating (competitively and for fun) whether something is or is-not logical.

The Oaks equips students to recognize and separate true argumentation from false.The Oaks teaches formal logic, logical fallacies, and reasoning skills through tools like the Socratic Method and Aristotelian logic. 

These disciplines are included in their writing which follows the ancient Progymnasmata as a training ground for effective communication.


The School of Rhetoric

During this time of life, young men and women desire to communicate what they have learned and to make a difference in the world.

The Oaks equips students to articulate their ideas concisely and to relate those ideas to an audience with clarity and persuasion. Students are inspired to investigate, contemplate, debate, and persuade within a context of love for God and love for people.

Rhetoric students are required to complete a thesis project where they must research and write on a controversial topic and then present and defend their position before a panel.

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