Getting Started with the Jupiter Portal

The Portal Explained

Note: we have opened the portal fully for the parents and students of seventh through twelfth-graders. The portal is partially opened  for the parents only of grammar school students.

Jupiter is the name for the student information system that The Oaks uses to help us manage attendance, assignments, grades, discipline and more. Portal describes the area opened for parents to view the current progress of one or more of their enrolled children.

Signing In to the Portal

You should have received a letter providing your sign in information. Contact the office if you have not received it.

Sign In

Enter your student's full name as well as your own password. If you cannot remember your password, click "Forgot Password" and follow Jupiter's instructions.

Jupiter Video Tour

After logging-in, you will be brought to the portal of the child whose name or ID was entered at the sign-in screen. You can pull-down ("Parent of .. at the top") and browse other time periods for your student and/or the portal for your other enrolled children (you must use the same password for all of your children). The tabs on the left describe the categories of information contained by the portal.

Video Tour

We recommend viewing the video produced by Jupiter Ed.  


The To Do area shows the classes in which your student is enrolled, as well as their current grade. It will also display any assignment that is due within the next 24 hours.

To Do

In this and the illustrations which follow, we have grayed-out personal details about this typical student.


The Grades tab displays a student's graded assignments by class, by quarter.


Report Card

The Report Card tab displays the student's complete grades to-date, by quarter, for the current school year.

Current Report Card


The Attendance tab displays the student's attendance, by day, by class, across the current school year.


Behavior Log - Attention Grabbers

The Behavior Log tab displays a student's attention grabbers by class, by quarter. A short description of the missing assignment or graded quiz/test is shown.

Behavior Log Grabber

To learn more about the attention grabber, select the Grades tab and, if not already displayed, pull-down the class where the attention grabber was given to view the specific assignment.

Attention Grabbers

The student received an attention grabber for a missing assignment on March 8. We can see above that the assignment was turned in, late, and graded with a 10% deduction.

Portal Settings

The Settings tab enables each parent to customize how they wish to be notified about specific details of their student's progress.

Portal Settings

Web Msg is always set to 'on' by Jupiter. These refer to notifications visible to parents in a student's portal.

Checking the Email box asks Jupiter to send a system-generated email to your current email address. We recommend leaving the Email default settings as-is. If, for instance, you uncheck 'messages', you will no longer receive important Oaks emails from teachers or the Office.

You may check Text Msg boxes if you wish to receive certain notifications to your mobile device in addition to, or instead of, email.

Finally, you may experiment with asking Jupiter to send you automated assignment or grade notifications that meet certain conditions by checking the boxes at the bottom of this portal form.